Inspiration Is a Photographer's Main Tool!

cindy with camera

Creative Images by Cynthia is more than just another photography business; it’s the culmination of a long and difficult personal journey. For more than 10 years, I built a successful career in wedding, sports and animal photography. I lived life in the fast lane. Then in 1992, my life changed forever, when I was in a near-fatal automobile accident that left me with traumatic brain injury. The experience was a wake-up call that forced me to deal with a loss of memory and many basic motor functions. It gave me the chance to take a long, hard look at who I was and why I was given a second chance to begin a new life with a greater appreciation of the beauty of our earth and its creatures.

The road to recovery meant re-learning simple tasks like walking, talking, eating, reading and even photography. And, it led to a new direction in the way I approach life. As soon as my physical recovery allowed, I took a long road trip across the country, with my little dog, Star and my camera. I wanted to capture the enduring beauty that I knew was out there.

As I stood on a cliff, over-looking the Grand Canyon, I was stirred by a genuine sense of gratitude and awe, an experience that was pivotal in my recovery from traumatic brain injury. After I got home, it came to me when praying, that the hundreds of photos I had taken were very healing for me, and could be a blessing to others. Creative Images by Cynthia is an idea born from a spiritual awakening that I took and turned into the website you see today.


  • Professional Skills for Customer Service and Support in Informational Technology, Austin Community College, 2003.
  • Certificate in Photographic Technology with Graphics Arts, Austin Community College, 1996.


  • Austin Mayor's Committee Entrepreneurship Award, 2003.


  • Traumatic Brain Injury National Conference, TBI Association, 2003-2005.
  • Annual Art & Crafts Fair, St. Catherine's of Siena, 2001-2004.
  • Numerous Art Shows and Festivals in Texas, 1998-2000.
  • Finish Line and Winner's Circle Photographer for Manor Downs Horse Track, 1989-1991.

Commissioned Work: